About the Library

"It is the mission of the Madison Public Library to provide access to dynamic collections, appropriate technology, and global information to support and enrich individual, family, and community life."

Library Services
Public access computers
DVD, Blu-ray & game disc cleaning
Meeting room (by pre-approved reservation)
Home delivery
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Library Board
Paula Froehlich
Millie Gross
Jody Johnson
Wilson Kleibacker
Gail Hamman
Kelli Wollmann - County Commissioner 
Kelly Johnson - City Commissioner

Library Staff
Nancy Sabbe - Director
Dana Neu - Children's Librarian
Pat Richardson
Bruce Boatwright
Melanie Argo
Michaela Shay

The following is an excerpt from minutes of the City Commission of Madison for June 6, 1906.
“Be it resolved by the city council of the City of Madison, S.D.  That said city of Madison, S.D. accept the ten thousand dollars offered by Mr. Andrew Carnegie for a free public library building in the City of Madison, South Dakota...Be it further resolved that the sincere and heartfelt thanks of this council and the citizens of Madison, be extended to Mr. Andrew Carnegie for the magnificent gift which  he so liberally bestows upon said city.”