Friends of the Library! - Meeting

Remember filling out the "Friends of the Library" Survey?

We'll the Madison Public Library is happy to inform you that after much preparation that the group will have it's 1st EVER organizational meeting!

This meeting is for EVERYONE, who is interested in being involved! 

Where: Library Meeting Room
When: Monday, November 4th 
5:15 pm to 6:00 pm

Friends of the Madison Public Library is a group of people who appreciate and want to support the Madison Public Library in an organized, happy way!

What can you do at the meeting: 

  • Step up to be on the friends of the library board
  • Sign up to help with upcoming library events
  • Put up your ideas on what the friends can do to support the library

If you want to come but are unable, contact us and let us know your interests!
or check them out on Facebook!