Coming in August...

How would you describe creatures that have dominated the earth for over 300 million years? Despite their small size and individual insignificance, insects have a huge impact on planet Earth and human life.

Visitors to Bug’s Eye View will enter an outdoor world of larger-than-life models that demonstrate the advanced adaptations of typical insects: sleek wings, heavy-duty armor, specialized appendages, and highly sensitive detectors. Bug’s Eye View contains information on many levels, beginning with basic identification and classification. Find out why spiders, ticks, sow bugs, centipedes, and millipedes are not classified as insects. Work with an assortment of different legs, body parts, antennae and wings to make insects, spiders, and centipedes.

The overall exhibit is geared for Pre- 6th grade children, parents, caregivers and teachers.

Included with the exhibit:
♦ Interactive Design – a complete turnkey program to enrich learning opportunities in your community.
♦ Exhibit Manual – with descriptions, fact sheets, activities, and suggested resources.
♦ Experts in the Field – Resources including recommended scholars, artists and other experts who could conduct more in-depth programming.
♦ Educational Kits – Science kit includes experiments and supplies. The art kit provides instructions and supplies for conducting art and art appreciation activities. The literature kit includes books, color sheets, crayons and games.

Bug's Eye View is sponsored by the HOP program.