Featured Reader

Our Featured Reader is a familiar face to many area readers as both an avid reader and a librarian. Maxine Swanson has always been a reader and most recently was the librarian for the Madison Area School District.

The Public Library in her hometown of Cresbard, South Dakota, was in the basement of the Masonic Temple. Maxine remembers it as a cozy place where Mrs. Way, the librarian, helped her find books about the Bobbsey Twins, the Happy Hollisters, Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys.

Maxine says that Anne of Green Gables by L. L. Montgomery is still her favorite book. She rereads the books by L. L. Montgomery, author of Anne of Green Gables in the summer, but in the winter prefers the familiar tales by Louisa May Alcott. She lists Janet Evanovich's books featuring Stephanie Plum as some of her more recent favorites.

If you are out early in the morning, you might catch a glimpse of Maxine running past. Running is another of her passions, and with audiobooks, she can run and "read" at the same time. On summer evenings you can find her relaxing with a book on her deck. At any one time, Maxine is reading three different books--a traditional book, a book on cassette tape, and a book on CD.

Maxine encourages readers to check out the LibraryThing website at www.librarything.com. The site offers many options for bibliographies, and now that she is a retired person, Maxine intends to take advantage of them more often herself.

Maxine is always happy to talk about books--in person or online. Blog her on the comments link below.